Beware of the Monkey App

We have been made aware of a website and app that is new to the market and that is potentially dangerous.

The app is called ‘Monkey’ and allows user to make video calls to strangers. Once a conversation is finished, the user clicks next and it will then connect them to a different user which could be someone from anywhere in the world. The website states that users must be 18 plus but there is no age verification on either platform meaning anyone could download it. If users use the website from a desktop, they don’t need an account to sign in and chat to people, but users of the app will.

The app is currently only available on android devices. Whilst testing the platform, reviewers found that every second or third video was a male masturbating, with some attempts to interact. There are countless examples of adverts for sex, pornography and bestiality. The unpredictability of the content is likely to increase the shock factor and harmful impact as users have no idea what will appear. It is designed to attract children – everything, from the name, to the graphics on the platform suggest this is created to attract children.

In Google Play Store, its description reads ‘Make friends and chat to celebrities’ and the app has copied TikTok’s vertical style video feed. The location of each user is shared publicly (country and town/city) and there is no option to block this. You cannot use the app/website without having your camera on. There are screenshots of Monkey on Instagram as well as Monkey having their own TikTok account meaning young people may be driven to the site.