Flu clinic

Flu update 05/01/2021

We are inviting all patients who are over 65years, 50-64years and any children eligible for the flu vaccine who haven't had a vaccine yet, to contact the surgery via our website and clicking on the contact your surgery 24/7 tile to request an appointment.


Flu update for 50-64 year olds

Following the Government announcement that 50 to 64 year olds will be able receive a free flu vaccination from 1 December the practice is working to make this available to newly eligible patients as early in December as we can.  

If you fall within this age group and are not in one of the eligible ‘at risk groups’ please do not contact the practice to book an appointment as we are not yet able offer you a definite date or time.  

We are continuing to provide flu vaccinations to over 65s, under 65s with certain long-term medical conditions, pregnant women and young children. If you are in one of these eligible groups and have not yet had your flu vaccine please contact the practice as soon as possible to book an appointment. 

Flu Vaccine Update

We have been doing the Flu clinics for our at risk >65 patients and children for the last few weeks and as we receive further delivery of Flu vaccines over the next couple of weeks, we will be inviting more patients to attend the clinic. Thank you everyone who has attended the Flu clinic so far by following the instructions, Social distancing and adhering to Infection control measures to help the clinics run smoothly during the Covid pandemic.

 The surgery will contact patients to arrange appointments for Flu vaccine as we aim to protect our at risk and vulnerable patients while maintaining social distancing. Please contact the surgery and update us if you have had the Flu jab outside the Practice so we can update your records.

 This year the flu vaccine programme has been extended to over 50’s as well by the Government. The vaccines for this cohort will be provided by the Government and is expected to be underway in November/December 2020 based on the guidance and vaccine supply from the Government.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Flu update 10 Nov 2020:

The over 65’s flu vaccines have been taking place as well as the under 65's at risk.  We are expecting more supplies over the next few days/weeks. 

Children’s live attenuated vaccine – We are pleased to say that most children have now had their flu vaccines.  This year is an exception, the Government has advised that we can administer an alternative vaccine to children who cannot have the live attenuated vaccine for whatever reasons.

This year the flu vaccine programme has been extended to over 50’s as well. The vaccines for this cohort will be provided by the Government and is expected to be underway in November/December 2020.  We are still awaiting updates about this from the Government.

We are pleased to announce we had a very successful Saturday Flu clinic on 17th October at the surgery. 

We have been using the clinical room near the reception area in order to make it easily accessible for our elderly patients and to minimise the time stay in surgery to minimise Covid risk.

Government advice about infection control has been recently updated and wearing a facemask for clinician is essential but due to small contact time, whole PPE kit is not required.



  1. To dress appropriately and wear short sleeves which will make access easier and also avoid longer stay and contact.
  2. Please follow the time slot given strictly to avoid crowding near the front door.
  3. Please wear a facemask or a face covering when you attend for your appointment.
  4. Please contact the surgery via the website or by contacting reception to cancel your appointment if you have a high fever or are unwell. YOU MUST NOT ATTEND THE SURGERY IF YOU HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS OF COVID OR ANY CLOSE CONTACTS WITH COVID. Please contact the surgery to cancel your appointment and follow Gov advice in such circumstances. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.